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Plumbing problem? Aptus Plumbers are here to help! Aptus Plumbers are your local professionals servicing Zillmere, Brisbane for all your plumbing, gas and solar needs.

Need routine maintenance on your home or business or plumbing for your Zillmere renovation, Aptus Plumbing & Gas are rated 5 stars for their first class service

Where do you need a plumber?
Aptus Plumbing and Gas have a team of plumbers servicing the Brisbane Northside. We get to most plumbing jobs on the same day.

Quality work guaranteed, carried out by our professional team of qualified plumbers who are fully insured. In addition, our plumbers have the latest tools, plumbing technology so they are well prepared for repairs right there and then

Our mission is to improve the overall perception of the plumbing industry by delivering plumbing works that are:
  • Delivering a service which is second to none
  • The most cost effective solutions;
  • Done right, on time, the first time!
  • Call us now by phone or use the enquiry form so that we can attend to your plumbing needs at Zillmere
Our plumbers cover all types of works including:
  • Service repair and installation of Hot Water Systems
  • Installation, service and repair of Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems Installations and repairs
  • Repair and maintenance of blocked drains
  • Burst pipe repair and maintenance
  • Water pipe repair and maintenance
  • Gas and water leaks Tap replacement and servicing
  • Toilet replacement and servicing
  • Repairs for roofs and gutters
  • Commercial fit outs
  • Plumbing maintenance for commercial
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Rental property Plumbing
  • Gas repairs for your rental property
For the best plumbing and gas service carried out by professional plumbers in Zillmere, call us on (07) 3205 1991 or complete the enquiry form

Plumbers Zillmere History

Confirming our experience in your suburb here is a sample showing how much work we have done at homes and businesses around you.

Street Total Callouts Latest Plumbing Service Latest Date
Ardill Street 2 HWS issues Zillmere 2015
Bartholomew Street 5 Toilet Issue Zillmere 2018
Battersby Street 2 Toilet Issues Zillmere 2018
Birdwood Street 7 Leaking Tap Zillmere 2019
Brolga Place 3 Leaking Taps Zillmere 2018
Carrie Street 4 Quote - Floor Waste Zillmere 2019
Church Road 11 Toilet Seal Zillmere 2018
Coxen Street 3 Water Compliance Zillmere 2019
Cresfield Street 4 Leaking Shower Head Zillmere 2018
Ewing Street 1 No Hws Zillmere 2018
Fahey Street 2 Kitchen Reno Zillmere 2019
Gillies Street 1 Investigate Water Leak Zillmere 2018
Glasgow Street 14 Laundry Tap Zillmere 2019
Glengallen Street 1 Leaking Taos Zillmere 2015
Grasspan Street 11 Tap issue Zillmere 2019
Halcomb Street 14 Leaking Toilet area Zillmere 2019
Handford Road 15 Toilet issue Zillmere 2019
Hirschfield Street 3 Leak Zillmere 2019
Hodgson Street 9 Tap Issues Zillmere 2019
Jennings Street 7 Toilet Issue Zillmere 2019
Jesson Street 1 Leak Zillmere 2015
Kakadu Circuit 1 Tap Issue Zillmere 2018
Larcombe Street 6 MISC ISSUES Zillmere 2018
Lovegrove Street 2 Laundry Works Zillmere 2016
Murphy Road 3 Drain Issue Zillmere 2019
Nickel Street 1 Warn hot water, no pressure Zillmere 2018
Pretoria Street 1 Leaking Tap Zillmere 2014
Ridgmont Street 3 Water Compliance Zillmere 2018
Rodway Street 2 HWS issues Zillmere 2019
Seeney Street 3 Sink Issue Zillmere 2018
Tabbil Street 1 Water Compliance Zillmere 2018
Victory Street 2 Ceiling Leak Zillmere 2018
Zillmere Road 38 Blocked Drain Zillmere 2019
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