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Specialist Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Brisbane

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At Aptus Plumbing & Gas, we fully understand the inconvenience of a malfunctioning toilet. That's why we offer quick, reliable toilet repair and installation services across Brisbane. Whether you're facing simple leaks or are in need of a complete toilet installation, our team of licensed plumbers is prepared to ensure your bathroom returns to full functionality and efficiency.

Experiencing issues like blocked toilets? These can have a variety of causes including excessive use of toilet paper, dropped toilet fresheners, sanitary napkins, children's toys, kitty litter, or more severe problems such as collapsed sewer lines or tree roots invading the pipes.
Not to worry! Whatever the case, with just one call to us, (07) 3205 1991, your problem will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

We handle all toilet repairs across residential, commercial, and industrial settings. By choosing our services, you're guaranteed first-class reliable workmanship at the right price.

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Why Choose Aptus Plumbing for Your Toilet Needs?

With years of experience and a dedication to quality and customer service, Aptus Plumbing & Gas is your go-to source for toilet repair and installation in Brisbane. We take pride in our prompt service, expert workmanship, and transparent pricing, setting us apart as a leader in the industry. Our team is not just about fixing your current issues; we aim to ensure the long-term functionality and efficiency of your bathroom's plumbing system. Contact us today at (07) 3205 1991 to get your toilet issues resolved by the experts.

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Our Toilet Services Include:

  • Leaking Toilet Repairs
  • Blocked Toilet Solutions
  • Valves Replacement
  • New Flush Mechanisms Installation
  • New Toilet Installation
  • Cistern Repairs and Replacement
  • Emergency Toilet Repairs
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