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Aptus Plumbing & Gas: Your Solution for Leaking Taps in Brisbane.

In Australia, where water is a precious resource, a single leaking tap can waste over 20,000 litres per year, hitting your wallet and the environment. Leaks, often from worn washers in taps, poor seating or failing flexible hoses, can cause serious water damage and mould in your home.

Our Brisbane plumbing professionals specialise in quick, effective repairs for all tap leaks, ensuring your plumbing is water efficient and your home is protected from water damage.

Trust us for reliable, expert solutions to your plumbing needs – we’re renowned across Brisbane for our top-notch service. Don’t let a leak damage your home or have your water bill skyrocket – call Aptus Plumbing & Gas for a prompt, professional fix.

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Aptus Plumbing & Gas: Your Go-To for Mixer Tap Repairs in Brisbane

Mixer taps, perfect for the kitchen with their one-handed operation, are essential for multitasking. If you're facing a leaking kitchen tap, a simple washer replacement might be the fix. After shutting off the water, plug the sink, open the tap cover, and replace the washer. Remember, if the washer is stiff, a bit of oil can help.

However, taps are complex, with over 10 parts, and a DIY fix might not always work. If the leak persists, it’s safer to call in professionals like Aptus Plumbing & Gas. Reach us at (07) 3205 1991 for top level leaking tap repairs in Brisbane, QLD. We ensure your taps are in perfect condition, allowing you to focus on more important things.

From basic spindle taps to sophisticated mixer taps, our team expertly handles all types. Mixer taps are convenient for mixing hot and cold water and come in various styles like spray mixers, pull-out taps, and provincial mixers. Considering a mixer tap? Consult with our expert plumbers for installation and advice, ensuring your kitchen is equipped with the best, both in functionality and style. Have a look at our tap assortment here.

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Is your tap or mixer tap leaking? We're Here to Help!

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