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Problems with your Plumbing? Aptus Plumbers are ready to serve you. Aptus Plumbers are your local professionals servicing Chermside, Brisbane for all your plumbing, gas and solar needs.

Need routine maintenance on your home or business or plumbing for your Chermside renovation, Aptus Plumbing & Gas are rated 5 stars for their first class service Our team of professionals are fully qualified and full insured so quality and workmanship is guaranteed with the service edge that others can only aspire too. What's more is that our plumbing team have the latest tools, plumbing technology and are well equipped to deal with problems on the spot.

Our mission is to improve the overall perception of the plumbing industry by delivering plumbing works that are:

  • Providing the highest level of service;
  • The most cost effective solutions;
  • Be on time and get it right the first time!
  • Contact us now by phone or enquiry form to have your Chermside plumbing problems solved.
Our plumbers cover all types of works including:
  • Service repair and installation of Hot Water Systems
  • Installation, service and repair of Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems Installations and repairs
  • Blocked drains repair and maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair of burst pipes
  • Water pipe repair and maintenance
  • Gas and water leaks Taps - replacement and servicing
  • Toilet replacement and servicing
  • Gutter and roof repairs
  • All your Commercial fit outs
  • Commercial plumbing maintenance
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Servicing your rental property Plumbing
  • Rental property Gas repairs
For the best plumbing and gas service carried out by professional plumbers in Chermside, call us on (07) 3205 1991 or complete the enquiry form

Plumbers Chermside History

Confirming our experience in your suburb here is a sample showing how much work we have done at homes and businesses around you.

Street Total Callouts Latest Plumbing Service Latest Date
Alleena Street 3 Quote Chermside 2019
Ballantine Street 1 MISC ISSUES Chermside 2017
Bruce Street 1 Leaking Toilet Chermside 2014
Buna Street 6 Roof Works Chermside 2018
Bundal Street 1 Hot Water Issue Chermside 2018
Buruda Street 7 MISC ISSUES Chermside 2018
Corrie Street 4 Quote - Toilet Suite Chermside 2018
Curwen Terrace 9 Outside Tap Chermside 2018
Davenport Street 3 Burst Pipe Chermside 2019
Eastleigh Street 1 Hot water issue Chermside 2019
Ethel Street 3 Quote - Toilet Chermside 2018
Greenbank Street 3 Leaking Pipe Chermside 2019
Gympie Road 35 Kitchen Leak Chermside 2018
Hall Street 18 Toilet issue Chermside 2018
Hamilton Road 29 Water Leak Chermside 2019
Hillside Circuit 10 Drain repair. Warranty Chermside 2019
Hilltop Avenue 8 Mould Issues Chermside 2019
Hodgkinson Street 8 Blocked Sewer Chermside 2018
Imber Street 1 Shower Head Issue Chermside 2018
Kelso Street 31 Kitchen Tap Chermside 2019
Kidston Terrace 5 Misc Issues Chermside 2018
Kilburn Street 3 Showerhead Chermside 2018
Kuran Street 3 Shower Head Issue Chermside 2018
Latham Street 6 Quote Chermside 2019
Meemar Street 7 Blocked Toilet Chermside 2018
Miller Street 36 Sewerage Leak Chermside 2019
Mylne Street 2 HWS Issue Chermside 2018
Myron Street 4 Blocked drain Chermside 2019
Nielson Street 2 Tap Issue Chermside 2018
Norman Drive 6 Leaking Taps Chermside 2019
Norman Street 11 Roof Issue Chermside 2019
Pechey Street 4 HWS Quote 20 5* Chermside 2018
Pilba Street 15 Toilet Issues Chermside 2019
Playfield Street 8 jetter-Camera Chermside 2018
Rainey Street 1 Misc Issue Chermside 2018
Rode Road 9 No Hot Water Chermside 2018
Unmack Street 5 SCOTTY- Showerhead Dripping Chermside 2019
View Street 4 LANCE- Quote- Bathroom Chermside 2018
Wallace Street 8 Quote - Cistern Chermside 2019
Western Avenue 1 Dishwasher Issue Chermside 2018
Westfield Cnr Gympie & Hamilton Rd's 14 Drain issue Chermside 2019
Zenith Avenue 9 Water Leak Chermside 2019
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