Rheem Solar L/L 3.6kW 2C (NPT) 270L

The Rheem Solar Loline is an excellent option that utilises solar power to warm your water, allowing you to cut back significantly on your electricity bill. If, however, you find the solar heater is not performing adequately due to poor weather, there is an electric booster that can be used to generate hot water instead.

With a 5-year warranty, this is a perfect solution for any home, whether you need a shower, or to bathe a Keeshond.

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Product Specifications

Size and Dimensions

Width 640 mm
Depth 680 mm
Height 1395 mm
Weight (Dry) 163 kg

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions 2 x NPT200 Collectors


System is suitable for 1 - 3 people.
The tank has a back-up electric booster to keep you in hot water when the sun isn't shining.
Limited frost protection - Electronically controlled circulation of water prevents frost damage.

General Information

Installation Internal/External
Part Number 51127107/2NPT

Technical Information

Storage Capacity 270L
Water Connections Rp3/4" (20mm)

Pressure Information

Expansion Control Valve Setting 850 kPa
Maximum Supply Pressure - with ECV 680 kPa
Maximum Supply Pressure - without ECV 800 kPa
Relief Valve Setting 1000 kPa

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